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You may ask why we publish adverts for other websites offering similar services? The answers are simple. First, we believe in helping our customers make a qualified decision. Visiting other sites advertised here below can help you compare the level of service, value for money and features we provide with those offered by other companies. Secondly, we are very confident about the quality and efficiency of our service (online and offline) as we know that it is highly likely that, having visited other websites you will eventually return to our site to book your sailing holiday.


Frequently Asked Questions
Why does the site only show weeks beginning Saturday from April to October?

These are the months when most people go on charter holidays in the Adriatic, and Saturday is the first day of the standard charter week. If you want to sail out of season (from October to April), you are almost certain to find the boat you want. It`s only from May to September that availability is an issue. With our site, you can see immediately which boats are free and when. Our clever technical guys have dispensed with the Check Availability button to make your life simpler - everything you need to know to book your boat is right up there on screen.
Click here to book dates not displayed on the site.

I don`t want to start my holiday on a Saturday.
Any chance of a long weekend - say Friday to Tuesday - or a ten-day break?

Certainly, especially if you don`t want to sail in June, July or August. These are the busiest months for the charter companies, and most weeks are sold out well in advance. If you do want a long weekend or a ten-day break at that time, then we`d be happy to help you book the dates you`d like, but the price is unlikely to be flexible. For a long weekend in June, July or August, you would usually be charged for a full week - or even two if your dates go both sides of the weekend. It`s worth bearing in mind, though, that sailing outside of high season can be very rewarding. In spring, early summer or late autumn, the anchorages are less crowded, restaurants less packed, berthing charges lower and the winds more reliable, plus if you want to get away for just a few days, you`re more likely to get an individual price from the charter company.
To book a holiday that doesn`t begin on a Saturday, click here.
When is the best time to sail in the Adriatic?

If you want the best value for money then go in May, early June or September rather than mid-August. Sea temperatures are fine for swimming, you`ll be treated royally in restaurants, and get a genuine welcome from people on the more remote islands, while the winds will make both you and your boat sing with delight. Much the same goes for October, early November, late March and April (although it will be the hardier souls that swim in these months). We at sail all year round, and have fond memories of bright and brilliant winter days afloat.

If you or your crew members are relatively inexperienced, then we suggest sailing in late June, July and August, when there is enough westerly breeze (maestral) on most afternoons to hone your skills, but also calms when you can stop for swim, make lunch or potter around with the motor. On warm mid-summer nights, you may find you want to sleep on deck rather than down in the hot cabin. And if you do encounter a nasty blow, there will be other boats and crews around to give you a helping hand.

I`m wary of the Internet, and I don`t like paying online.
Can I book over the phone or by cheque, and can I contact you directly?

We`ve put a lot of effort into creating what we think is the best charter boat-booking engine around. We`ve tried to make sure that the site is easy to use and free of some of the most irritating features of other travel sites. On our site, what you see is what you get. If a boat is available on screen, then you can book it. However, is a club, as the name suggests, and as a club member, we are always happy to hear from you via email or over the telephone:
All international and UK clients – +44 5601567088 (Monday to Friday 09.00 – 17.00 CET)
All international clients - +385 14677395 (Monday to Friday 09.00 – 17.00 CET)
German and Austrian clients - +49 69257385871 (Monday to Friday 09.00 – 17.00 CET)
So, if you don`t feel comfortable booking and paying over the web, we can tell you how to do it the old-fashioned way.
Click here to contact us.

Can I name my price or bid for a boat?

Yes in the low season but not in the high season. This is not a sailing version of e-bay. is about quality and value for money. We have special offers and last minute deals, but quality is not going to be compromised. From time to time we may decide to let you name your price for individual dates and/or boats in the high season but it is only from November to March that you can name your price without any conditions attached. We will do our best to have your price accepted or else negotiate the best deal.
Anyway, you will find that our prices are cheaper than those offered via conventional channels, but silly prices can attract the wrong kind of people. Reputable charter fleets would actually prefer to earn nothing for a week than to entrust an expensive boat to a crew lacking in seamanship or manners who could damage it and put it out of action for months.
In other words, we are as flexible as possible, but as for online bidding wars, sorry, that`s not what we do.

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